Pathfinder Campaign

Session 9
A sacrifice spoiled
Session 8
Session 7
A fortress plundered
Session 6
Futures divined
Session 5
The stars change

The expanded party sets out to the Orc warparty camp to confront the chief. Ravichandran compiles some extremely choice insults to draw out the warchief and his chosen champions. It works with outstanding success, for added incentive Phineas drops several flaming arrows onto the camp herding out all the see.

The calling out of champions begins and several members from each side fall. Phineas breaks with his challenger and attacks the shaman intended for Ravichandran, drawing two to him and leaving Ravi without an opponent. Ravi begins harassing the warchief, aiding Ragnar. Ryuk falls before the claws of his challenger driving Zeke into a frothing rage. Ragnar trades blows with the warchief and fights well, but is unable to withstand the punish. Ravi rushes to his aid and attempts to retrieve a potion from Ragnar, with a deadly blow falling.

Phineas fights a retreating battle keeping his distance from his challengers and plicking them with arrows. Far from the heart of the battle and with one of his challengers down Phineas feels something brush his mind. A divine presence pushes into his thoughts and demands he act in ALL the ways Cayden Cailean is. With unnatural speed Phineas draws back his bow and lets fly with arrow after arrow. Slaying the orc bearing down on him and the warchief about end Ravi. Seeing their leader slain before them the raiding party scatters.

That night while encamped the PC’s all experience a shared dream. they see the stars begin to swirl about the dome of the sky. Faster and faster they move beginning to fall down towards the ground they pack tighter and tighter into streams of falling stars. These millions of dancing motes cascade over, onto, and into the party. Just before touching the ground they curve and rocket back into the sky swirling about and into new constellations. The party awakens refreshed as never before and with many questions.

Session 4
Friends are gained

As the party pitches camp for the night they cook dinner, bank the fire, set watches, and curl up to sleep. In the middle of the night, sometime during Sir William’s watch, a powerful voice begins to echo throughout the scrubland. The song urges Sir William to battle and stirs his sense of valor. Acting with restraint and forethought he awakens the others, Phineas attempts to gain an understanding of the song, while Ryuk agitates about what to do. However Ragnar has a different take and charges brashly towards the song.

The party arrives to find several individuals fighting for their lives against a coterie of ghouls. Sir William and Ragnar immediately charge into battle laying about with axe and sword. Ryuk and his Zeke attempt to stall some of the ghouls attacking a downed man and woman. While Phineas finds targets with his expert marksmanship.

Sir William calls on the sacred light of his goddess and smites the lead ghoul, a ghast. However something strange happens as the ghast falls before his blade. The light does not dim as usual, but instead blazes all the stronger. Ragnar driven by his rage to not fall behind in battle smashes into a ghoul about to strike down Ryuk cleaving the undead thing into the ground.

After the ghouls are dust the party tends the wounds of the survivor, finding three still live. A bard named Oscar, a cavalier named Simon, and an alchemist named Mekhet. They are invited back to the party’s camp and volunteer to travel with the PC’s for a time.

Session 3
A decision is made

The party has come a crossroads and now must decide whether to remain and stop the encroaching orc warparty or head south to return to Cheliax and fight in the resistance.

After some debate, with Sir William desiring to stay and finish what he started and Phineas wanting to head south onto something new, the party decides to remain and finish what they started.

They venture north to the border of the Hold of Belkzen and make camp and begin to watch for the approaching raiding party. While scouting around their camp is beset by a wandering party of Orges. The Orges are defeated and the party is left to split the spoils.

Session 2
An orcish raid is foiled...

The party has decided to divide their forces to slay all the orc scouts. Ryuk and William each take some of the hunters and woodmen, while Phineas, Ragnar, and Ravichandran head north to stop the returning scouts.

Ravichandran proves quite an able tracker, especially for a wizard. Despite becoming somewhat lost and encountering a giant spider, the party of three is able to catch the orcs.

Open battle is joined and Ravichandran has to engage one of the orc warriors, taking a grievous wound Ravi casts Magic Missile against the charging orc. He knows it will not be enough to stop the orc, but a strange and bottomless power wells up in Ravi and unleashes a torrent of bolts rendering the approaching orc into a burnt pile of meat and bone. Ravi and Phineas are very disturbed by this occurrence and unable to figure out it’s meaning.

Regrouping at the riverbank and returning to Kassen the party reports their success in stopping the scouting party, but worry that a larger may still be approaching.

Session 1
Our heroes meet

It is the fall of 4693…

William has trekked all the way to outskirts of Nirmathas, a small town named Kassen, in search of allies against the tyranny of Cheliax. He quickly befriends Phineas, a drunk, and Ravichandran, a strange blue man.

At the same time Ryuk encounters an angry dwarf named Ragnar. The two are set upon by a trio of orcs, a scouting party. They are able to dispatch all three with quick ease. With growing concern they quickly make for a nearby settlement, Kassen.

Barging into the Fangwood Keep, the Inn run by Mayor Jonark Uptal, they tell him of this scouting party. Sensing a chance to aid others William volunteers to investigate any possibility of Orc raid. Together with several volunteers from Kassen the group sets out to backtrack the orcs. Arriving at a ford in the Tourondel River they find evidence of a larger group, with more sure to come.

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