Pathfinder Campaign

Session 5

The stars change

The expanded party sets out to the Orc warparty camp to confront the chief. Ravichandran compiles some extremely choice insults to draw out the warchief and his chosen champions. It works with outstanding success, for added incentive Phineas drops several flaming arrows onto the camp herding out all the see.

The calling out of champions begins and several members from each side fall. Phineas breaks with his challenger and attacks the shaman intended for Ravichandran, drawing two to him and leaving Ravi without an opponent. Ravi begins harassing the warchief, aiding Ragnar. Ryuk falls before the claws of his challenger driving Zeke into a frothing rage. Ragnar trades blows with the warchief and fights well, but is unable to withstand the punish. Ravi rushes to his aid and attempts to retrieve a potion from Ragnar, with a deadly blow falling.

Phineas fights a retreating battle keeping his distance from his challengers and plicking them with arrows. Far from the heart of the battle and with one of his challengers down Phineas feels something brush his mind. A divine presence pushes into his thoughts and demands he act in ALL the ways Cayden Cailean is. With unnatural speed Phineas draws back his bow and lets fly with arrow after arrow. Slaying the orc bearing down on him and the warchief about end Ravi. Seeing their leader slain before them the raiding party scatters.

That night while encamped the PC’s all experience a shared dream. they see the stars begin to swirl about the dome of the sky. Faster and faster they move beginning to fall down towards the ground they pack tighter and tighter into streams of falling stars. These millions of dancing motes cascade over, onto, and into the party. Just before touching the ground they curve and rocket back into the sky swirling about and into new constellations. The party awakens refreshed as never before and with many questions.



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