Pathfinder Campaign

Session 4

Friends are gained

As the party pitches camp for the night they cook dinner, bank the fire, set watches, and curl up to sleep. In the middle of the night, sometime during Sir William’s watch, a powerful voice begins to echo throughout the scrubland. The song urges Sir William to battle and stirs his sense of valor. Acting with restraint and forethought he awakens the others, Phineas attempts to gain an understanding of the song, while Ryuk agitates about what to do. However Ragnar has a different take and charges brashly towards the song.

The party arrives to find several individuals fighting for their lives against a coterie of ghouls. Sir William and Ragnar immediately charge into battle laying about with axe and sword. Ryuk and his Zeke attempt to stall some of the ghouls attacking a downed man and woman. While Phineas finds targets with his expert marksmanship.

Sir William calls on the sacred light of his goddess and smites the lead ghoul, a ghast. However something strange happens as the ghast falls before his blade. The light does not dim as usual, but instead blazes all the stronger. Ragnar driven by his rage to not fall behind in battle smashes into a ghoul about to strike down Ryuk cleaving the undead thing into the ground.

After the ghouls are dust the party tends the wounds of the survivor, finding three still live. A bard named Oscar, a cavalier named Simon, and an alchemist named Mekhet. They are invited back to the party’s camp and volunteer to travel with the PC’s for a time.



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