Pathfinder Campaign

Session 2

An orcish raid is foiled...

The party has decided to divide their forces to slay all the orc scouts. Ryuk and William each take some of the hunters and woodmen, while Phineas, Ragnar, and Ravichandran head north to stop the returning scouts.

Ravichandran proves quite an able tracker, especially for a wizard. Despite becoming somewhat lost and encountering a giant spider, the party of three is able to catch the orcs.

Open battle is joined and Ravichandran has to engage one of the orc warriors, taking a grievous wound Ravi casts Magic Missile against the charging orc. He knows it will not be enough to stop the orc, but a strange and bottomless power wells up in Ravi and unleashes a torrent of bolts rendering the approaching orc into a burnt pile of meat and bone. Ravi and Phineas are very disturbed by this occurrence and unable to figure out it’s meaning.

Regrouping at the riverbank and returning to Kassen the party reports their success in stopping the scouting party, but worry that a larger may still be approaching.



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