Pathfinder Campaign

Session 1

Our heroes meet

It is the fall of 4693…

William has trekked all the way to outskirts of Nirmathas, a small town named Kassen, in search of allies against the tyranny of Cheliax. He quickly befriends Phineas, a drunk, and Ravichandran, a strange blue man.

At the same time Ryuk encounters an angry dwarf named Ragnar. The two are set upon by a trio of orcs, a scouting party. They are able to dispatch all three with quick ease. With growing concern they quickly make for a nearby settlement, Kassen.

Barging into the Fangwood Keep, the Inn run by Mayor Jonark Uptal, they tell him of this scouting party. Sensing a chance to aid others William volunteers to investigate any possibility of Orc raid. Together with several volunteers from Kassen the group sets out to backtrack the orcs. Arriving at a ford in the Tourondel River they find evidence of a larger group, with more sure to come.



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